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02 May 2008 @ 07:58 am
Here is the opening of the novel I wrote with my sister. Since my sister and I are not speaking, this story is sitting in limbo. It's a science fiction story.

Kendall McCulusky was born into a powerful family. His grandfather was duke to the lands north of the Capital, but a power hungry duke, who wants to annex his lands to the King's lands, changes all that. A story of royal intrigue and social politics. Does Kendall gain back his land and title or is he forced to serve the King all his days?

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Any and all comments are appreciated.
21 April 2008 @ 09:21 am
Last chapter. I start posting original fiction soon.

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16 April 2008 @ 05:48 pm
I'm almost done posting. Just one more chapter after this one. Then I'll post some original fiction.

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15 April 2008 @ 08:27 am
More of my fan fiction:

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12 April 2008 @ 09:40 pm
I warn you this chapter has aghast. Nothing like the original story, but some aghast. I hated myself for killing Dobby, but there was no way Voldemort would let him live. Another dead body in this chapter. Sorry. I can't say more without spoiling the story. Only 3 more chapters.

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09 April 2008 @ 11:14 pm
Here is my next chapter. After I finish posting this story, I'll post some original fiction I promise.
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08 April 2008 @ 08:57 am
Here's my next chapter. I hope someone is reading it. If not, then I have the story in my journal for my records.

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31 March 2008 @ 10:11 am
Here is another chapter of my fan fiction. I decided not to post in my journal my later stories in the series because they are for mature audiences only. You can read them on Silver Snitch.

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20 March 2008 @ 12:27 pm
At work yesterday, someone teased me about not being Jewish because I didn't know when Passover was without looking it up in my date book. I don't know when I need to take myself or the children to the doctor without looking it up in my date book. The boy's comments were so hateful that I left the breakroom. No one would say the things he said about being Jewish about some other ethnic group. And he wasn't a boy. He was nineteen years old, a legal adult, and he shouldn't use the word "Jew" to mean cheap.

So too say I am proud of my heritage, I'm posting or, more accurately, reposting since "The Dance" was published in Fantasy, Fairytales, and Folklore (A webzine) several years ago. My computer crashed since then and their website is long gone, so I don't have more information. Other than,, each of FF&F was on a theme and that month's theme was the dance.

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I will be posting some reprints of my published fiction along side the rest of my Harry Potter fan fiction. This is for you, dtwrite.
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19 March 2008 @ 07:38 am
Here is my next chapter of my fan fiction.  Enjoy!